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Just you and a Professional Pilot, paired together to conquer your fear

Over 25 million people suffer from the Fear of Flying. What is the difference between you and them? You're here, you've taken the first step to conquer your fear. Now leave the rest to us. Begin your one on one training from the comfort of your home or office and begin seeing relief session by session. Through our caring, personalized fear of flying help, you will be released from your flight phobia, and in no time, you'll have a world of travel open up to you!

To Conquer your fear of flying, the online courses at FlyHome are available nationwide, and with one click you can enroll and be paired with one of our professional pilots and flight coaches. They will guide you on how to overcome your flight phobia. Each of our pilots holds the highest level certifications within the FAA, and are current and active with the newest systems in aviation. As professional pilots, we understand the systems and measures that are in place to keep us safe, and it is important to us that you understand them as well. In addition to their exceptional credentials, our pilots are deeply invested in your success, and each one takes pride providing help to those who fear flying.

Every online fear of flying class is customized to fit your specific fears. We don't use books or CDs; instead all of our online courses are designed to teach you to independently fly without fear. We highly encourage you to ask questions at any time- your instructor will be ready to quell any "what ifs" that may come up prior to your flight, which is a big part of how they can help those who fear flying. Anticipatory anxiety is the main contributor to flight phobias and there are systems in place to keep them from happening, you just don't know about them yet!


So how does it work?

  • Select one of our fear of flying courses and enroll online
  • Immediately receive account access
  • Request your start date and time
  • Meet one-on-one with your Professional Pilot and Flight Coach through our live and interactive classroom. No webcam needed.

How are our flight phobia classes different from our competitors?

  1. One-on-one, personalized attention
  2. No pre-recorded lectures that don't apply to you
  3. Access to your instructor immediately prior to your trip, to alleviate concerns about:
    • Aircraft type
    • Route of flight
    • Weather
    • Turbulence Reports
    • Anxiety Relief
  4. If you're a first-time flyer, or it's been a while, you may choose to fly with your instructor by your side on a local commercial flight (In-Flight Consultation) for help with your fear of flying.
  5. View footage from inside of the cockpit to see first-hand what the science of turbulence is really all about, and why you shouldn't fear it.

Courses are available for "Vacation Travelers" as well as "Business Travelers." Whether you're just looking to get away on a vacation, or your job depends on it, the instructors for FlyHome flight phobia classes are ready to accompany you to success on your quest to fly without fear.

Topics covered to help you conquer your anxiety

  • Turbulence
  • Air Traffic Control Systems
  • Pilot Training and Testing Requirements
  • Sounds and Feelings
  • "What if" Scenarios
  • General anxieties
  • Client Specific anxieties
  • How a plane flies
  • Weather
  • Tips to minimize your anticipatory anxiety

On top of all that, FlyHome clients in the fear of flying help program receive unrestricted access to MyFlight Forecast™ – a website that allows the passenger to view in flight weather conditions, including locations of turbulence. Armed with your new knowledge, experience, and tools at your fingertips, all of us at FlyHome are excited to see all the places you'll go!

Looking for your Flight Forecast? check it with:

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One Hour Instruction by a Professional Pilot

(3) One-on-One Classes w/ Professional Pilot
(2) Pre-Flight Briefings

(15) Min Appx to discuss weather conditions for flight, with Professional Pilot.

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Q: What happens after I enroll?

A: After enrollment, you will receive a confirmation of requested date and time to start the course, as well as, log on information to our online classroom, and a conference call number where you will speak with your professional pilot.

Q: How does this course help me in Flying Without Fear?

A: Learning is defined as a change in behavior, as a result of experience. FlyHome’s instructors will teach you what you need to know to make you feel comfortable on board, including sounds, feelings, turbulence and weather. Most importantly, we address your “What If” thoughts and help you learn how to deal with fear of flying.

Q: I have tried other courses and I am still not Flying without Fear, how is this course different?

A: FlyHomes courses are all one on one, non-group setting, no CD’s, DVD’s or Books. Our instructors work one on one with you, and focus on your specific fears, which will teach you how to conquer fear of flying

Q: What other courses does FlyHome offer to help me get over fear of flying?

A: FlyHome instructors can fly with you on commercial flights as part of our “In Flight Consultation” Course. This course has been greatly beneficial for first time flyers, as well as business travelers that need to get somewhere.

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