Top 4 Tips to Combat Fear of Flying

A lot of people live with the fear of flying. Although, there are rare cases of a plane accident yet the number of people fearing from flying is still high. Fear of flying courses are going on that help people combat this fear. But I think the most important thing is to know the reasons why flying seems so terrifying. This kind of fear can be due to any reason and has no bar on age. A child, an adult or even elderly people fear of flying.

Fear of flying courses

If you are on the list of people why fear flying, you have to conquer this fear in future, so why not start now? Below are some ways to help you conquer this fear.

  • Latch the Fear that Sets You Off

As I said above, it is essential to know what fears you the most. Your goal should be to know what fears you the most. Once you know this, you have done half your job. Knowing what fears you the most will make you ready to work on it.

  • Step up with the Aircraft with Immense Knowledge

It is rightly said that knowledge has power. If you step up with the aircraft knowing everything about it, there are rare chances to fear about it.

Fear of flying phobia courses

You will know about all kinds of risks and myths attached to traveling in the plane. Fear of flying phobia courses put in as much knowledge as possible and thus, eliminating anxiety in people with fear.

  • Anticipate Causes of Anxiety

Anticipating causes of anxiety will help you keep a check over your fear. When you are in fear, you experience the most intense anxiety, which worsens the situation. If you know how you will feel on the flight, there are chances you can control it to a lot extent. By controlling the level of anxiety, it is possible to diminish in future. What else may you need?

  • Understand Fear and danger are Two Different Scenarios

Most often, your body reacts in the same manner for fear and danger, when these both are different scenarios. Your body must not feel the same it feels for danger, as the outcomes are different. Make this clear.

fear of flying help courses

Train your body in such a way that it understands that every fear may not come from danger. You will learn this part in fear of flying help courses.

In understand, fighting fear is not easy. It takes months, sometimes years to combat a kind of fear. But if you want to live a fearless life and you are dedicated to it, nothing can is difficult. In addition to all the points mentioned above, keep your body relaxed and comfortable will make it easier for you to commute on a plane. Have the courage to overcome every kind of fears to succeed in life. To overcome this fear, you can also join fear of flying courses.

How Can Fear of Flying Courses be Helpful for You?

Feeling scary in a plane is a problem of every second passenger. Reasons for the fear can be air turbulence, flying in height, or may be enclosed space. This is a very common part of airline travel specifically during takeoffs, landings, and turbulence. Most of the people may experience a deeper type of anxiety that eventually develops into a fear of flying. This fear is also known as aviophobia, can hinder people from flying.

Fear of Flying Courses

Due to this fear, maximum of people start avoiding their traveling by a plane and this can limit their options to reach their destination. But there are various fear of flying courses that one join and learn some techniques to reduce his or her fear.

According to USA Today, some airports are working great to tackle aviophobia head-on with special classes for individuals who suffer from this fear.

Statistics show that air travel is the safest method of transportation, but it still creates a scary journey for some people. Another explanation made by the USA today says that flight courses have helped a lot of people to combat their fear. So, according to such facts, you should definitely join a course that can help you in an effective way.

Why Flying Causes Fear?

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, most people who fly understand that air travel is safe, but there are still various reasons that force them to feel scary.

Only a handful of international airlines offer such fear of flying classes, such as British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. Some experts also offer the other methods that can reduce the fear of flying.

Let’s discuss in detail.

Right Ways to Reduce the Fear of Flying!

Learn How Plane Works

Learning about plane function and its features is one of the most effective ways to reduce the fear. There are specifically four forces that are necessary to allow a plane to fly and these are gravity, drag, lift, and thrust.

Learn How Plane Works

There is no such requirement of whole scientific explanation, but one thing that you need to clear in your mind is that plane is designed in such way that everyone can travel from one place to another place with ease. Planes are made to fly in the air then what is the meaning to worry about.

Do Meditation

Meditation is a well-admired way to reduce any fear by the physicians. This is a high recommended method that can effectively assist you in a right way. In this way, you will learn to keep your mind calm and relaxed during any weird situation.

meditation classes for flight phobea

This technique will surely aid you to make the journey more comfortable during your next flight.

Take Some Healthy Drinks

The most of the fear of flying phobia courses ask passengers to follow this method. Drinking healthy juices can keep you active during the whole journey.

Take Some Healthy Drinks

Some of the passengers also choose taking alcoholic drinks that may be quite an inappropriate thing. Alcoholic drinks make you relaxed for some time, but again you start feeling same. So, always avoid taking them. Drinking green tea can be a good alternative to alcohol.

Why Fear of Flying Happens? Ways to Overcome Them

In the current scenario, a number of people are afraid of flying. Also known as Pteromerhanophobia, the people suffering from this phobia sweat out simply thinking of getting on a plane. Well, a plane is the safest means of transport, resulting in a very few numbers of accidents in a year. And the good news is flight anxiety training centers are available in several countries, helping to curb the fear.

Factors Behind Fear of Flying

The essential thing to fight against anything is to know the factors behind it. Thus, here are some factors behind the fear and tips to eliminate them.

  • Heights

This is the most common fear developed in people fearing from flying. When you ask people about their fear, fear of heights will top the rank. However, I strongly feel that this fear should not be on the list. Because the plane flies very high in the sky, after a certain duration, you don’t literally feel the height. It’s almost like you are in a plane region.

Heights Fear of Flying

How to Manage Fear of Heights: Falling from a 4th floor building is similar to falling from 30,000 feet. So why fear? Talk to yourself before boarding that it is okay to fly high.

  • Losing Control

This fear is similar to driving in a car. Some people assume that the car will lose its balance, meeting an accident. Unlike certain cars, a plane has more than one engine to support that stops a complete failure. With fear of flying help, this problem is easily eliminated.

Losing Control Fear of Flying

How to Reduce Fear of Loss of Control: The pilots driving a plane are immensely skilled and experienced. Remember, they are humans too and they fly manually rather than using a remote control. So stop fearing.

  • Enclosed Areas

Several people are scared of enclosed places or claustrophobia. Such folks feel that they are trapped in a limited space and size, and there is nowhere to exit.

Choosing Seat Help Fear of Flying

How to Reduce Fear of Enclosed Areas: Try to book an exit row seat if you can to lessen the fear. Try to get more space by getting online and getting more space. Although, some airlines charge extra for this service, it is worth the cost.

  • Turbulence

Certainly, the mother of all fears! This fear never fails to show up when listing the top factors of fear of flying. Ironically, turbulence has nothing to do with the risk of a plane and yet most people have its fear.

Air Turbulence - Fear of Flying Helps

How to Manage Fear of Turbulence: If you have never heard of a plane accident due to turbulence, do not fear it. And, don’t allow ‘fasten your seat belts’ sign scare you as this is just to keep the passengers safe from falling down.

With right treatment of flight anxiety, it is possible to overcome this fear. Therefore, look for several options, which can help you, eliminate your fear of flying.

Fear of Flying: How to overcome it!

Do you have a fear of flying? Do you feel extremely nervous when traveling in the air? Well, you are not alone who is facing such situation. There are numbers of people who feel the same. But there are also several ways for fear of flying treatment that one can use to reduce the fear.

anti anxiety flying courses


Reasons for the Fear

There can be any reason for the fear of the flying, such as some people feel scared because of the air turbulence and some feel scary when they travel in air or heights.

Here are some factors that may contribute to increasing your flight fear:

  • A bad flight experience in the past
  • Your current level of stress
  • Problems giving up control
  • Medications that may amplify anxiety
  • Misinformation about dangers associated with flight
  • Potential biological causes

Common Experiences

When you travel in air, you may feel restless due to which your journey can become tougher. So, you should always make some right arrangements that can make your journey calm and more relaxed.

If you feel scary during air travel, you may suffer from

  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Time distortions
  • Panic with intense fear
  • Sweating
  • Cold, clammy feeling
  • Shaking or trembling (or both)
  • Lack of sensation
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Giddiness

Looking for the Ways that can Reduce Your Fear?

Here are some tips that can help keep you calm during your traveling.

  • Try to keep yourself hydrated with fresh water and juice. With this method, your body will remain fresh and you will feel stress-free.
  • But one thing that is important to know is, you should avoid taking tea, coffee, wine, and other alcoholic drinks. Such drinks can you make m lazy during your traveling.
  • You should distract yourself. For doing so you can read some books, magazines, and can talk to your co-passengers. You should also pretend like you are traveling by road. This technique can work for those who get sacred when traveling in the air. You should also grab some knowledge about the plane and how it works.How Planes Fly
  • Knowing some facts about the plane is one of the best treatments for flight anxiety. How it works and how flight crew keeps the track of all information regarding weather changes and other factors that may become the reason for air turbulence and your fear as well.
  • Before booking any flight, you must check for the weather forecast. You can easily get the information about weather online and other resources. If you have the right information about the weather conditions, you can book the flight accordingly.
  • It’s good if you check everything before traveling in air. But there can be sudden changes in the weather conditions when you travel. So, at that time you should remain calm and relax. You can ask the flight crew to help. And most importantly you should tie your seat belts. If you keep your seat belts with you, there will be fewer chances of an accident.

Flight Turbulence: How to Deal with it and Reasons for it!

One of the main causes due to which people feel scared in a flight is air turbulence. Even traveling in an airplane is safer than driving a car. But still, there are many people who feel uneasy during air travel, especially when there is turbulence.

This fear can be eliminated by providing right guidance to passengers and altering them before any such situation in the plane. Pilots can get the information about the weather instability or turmoil with an air turbulence tracker. So, they can provide the information to travelers at the right time to prepare tackle turmoil.

If the information is provided at the right time to passengers, everything can be controlled.

What are Reasons of Turbulence?
There can be many reasons of the air turbulence such as weather changes or a situation when a plane crosses the high mountains. It may uncomfortable you, but it is not so dangerous and you don’t need to scare from it.

Reasons of Turbulence - Fear of Flying

There are several types of air disturbance and the most common is CAT (Clear Air Turbulence). Many airplanes fly at enough height to minimize turbulence, but still, sometimes there can be chances of an unknown disturbance.

But fortunately, such situations can be predicted before and handled at the right time.

How Much Dangerous it is?
It is hardly dangerous and the statistics show that the people who get injured during it don’t have their seat-belts on. So, it is crucial to wear a seat-belt when you get air turbulence report in the plane. Your flight attendants also ask you tie your seat belts, follow their instructions immediately.

Most of the pilots are also equipped with years of the experience and are trained to deal with such condition. So, you should stop worrying about your journey.

You should not forget that planes are manufactured to withstand air turmoil.

Classification of it!
Mainly it is classified into three categories: light, moderate, and severe flight turbulence.

Those who are afraid of flying in the air, a small chaos can make them uncomfortable them. On the other hands, plane crew is habitual to such situation and they do not feel uneasy in any case.

But the people who do not travel on the regular basis can feel scary.

How to Handle it?
The right way to handle it is to follow the instructions of the flight attendants and keep your seat-belt on. This method can prevent the injuries that may occur during such severe condition.

Wear a Seat-belt - Fear of Flying

Turbulence can occur anytime. So, it’s better to remain prepared already before an accident.

Here are some tips that may help you during your next flight.

Must have a look!

  • The people, who are highly scared because of their air trip, must choose their seat close to the center of the airplane. It is the place where air instability is felt less as a comparison to the back of the airplane and around the wings.
  • Secondly try to avoid taking coffee, tea, and cold drinks. Such eatables can relax your mind for some moments but you will start feeling more uneasy after taking them.

Drinking healthy juices - Fear Of Flying

Drinking healthy juices in the place will be a right thing to do!

  • Just distract yourself!Talk to your co-passengers, read a book or listen to music.

It is not such risky condition that people usually think. A simple preparation and checking of the air turbulence reports can work great to fight the fear.

How do planes overcome mid-air Weather turbulence?

Whenever an individual is heading for a flight from the US with the boarding passes in hand, the dark clouds in the air surely makes him nervous. No matter, how much a person is prepared beforehand but a sudden USA Turbulence Forecast can also cause butterflies in one’s stomach.

Therefore, to put one’s mind at ease, it is better to read the following guide and ensure oneself about a safe landing.

  • De-Frosting the Plane
    This action is usually performed on the planes in the area with high snowfall. As the planes are covered with the ice in snow-blanketed cities, therefore, it becomes essential to de-ice the outer area of the plane or else, it will cause hindrance in its take-off.

    De-Frosting the Plane - Fear of Flying
    This process requires a huge truck, which sprays the hot mixture of glycol and water onto the plane. Once the process of de-frost is finished, the pilot inspects the plane himself and if there is any sticking left on the plane, its de-icing is immediately ordered.

    Thus, an individual does not have to worry when the mist or other natural elements are deposited on the airplane.

    Flying in Rainstorms
    The airplanes today are designed using latest advancements, which can easily withstand or fly during rain while you are inside it. Therefore, getting panic while the plane is flying in the rain does not make any sense.

    Flying in Rainstorms - Fear of Flying

    However, if it’s a freezing rain then, obviously its de-frosting would require more time. So, in such cases, the flights won’t take off, keeping in mind the security of the passengers, first.

  • Flying during Lightning
    It is important to note that when there is an Air Turbulence Report provided before landing at the destination by the host, then one shouldn’t panic. This information is just given so that the passengers are aware of the disturbance coming ahead.

    Flying during Lightning - Fear of Flying
    However, as such lightning doesn’t cause any problem to the flying plane. In fact, when this element of Mother Nature strikes the airplane, it enters the plane and ends at its tail. Moreover, the passengers inside the plane don’t feel any electric current, as all the furnished material inside the plane is made of the poor conductor of electricity. Therefore, while traveling feels relaxed and enjoy the flight by listening to the favorite music.

  • Flying during Air Turbulence
    While a person is traveling on the plane, the storm caused by a strong wind is nothing, which should cause fear in one’s mind. This is because the airplane is capable of flying successfully in 30mph of wind.

    Flying during Air Turbulence - Fear of Flying
    Moreover, the high-strong winds are usually safe for a flying plane. No doubt, one may be asked not to use the restroom for a while but otherwise, a person can happily land at his destination, even during extreme lowing winds.

Thus, it can be concluded that flying through the storm is not bad. Additionally, an individual does not have to keep all his bags close to him and can be sure of a safe and smooth flight because every airplane is equipped with the Air Turbulence Tracker, which provides all the necessary information for one’s convenience.

How Can You Overcome the Air Travel Anxiety?

Many people suffer from the flying anxiety and phobias when they travel by plane. Their anxiety for flying resists them travel calmly, they constantly feel uneasy during the traveling.

According to a report of National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 6.5 percent of adults Americans suffer from the flying phobia. But this fear of traveling in the air can be reduced by some specific techniques.

Fera of Flying phobia

These techniques can be implemented only when reasons for the fear are identified.
Some may feel scary because of a thought of plane crash, air turbulence, fear of falling or fear of flying in the heights.

Here are some beneficial techniques that will surely help reduce the flying phobia:

Be an Air Travel Expert
Learning how airplanes fly or works can be somehow supportive. Unless you learn about how a plane technically works, you will always feel scary during your journey. Watching a wide range of online videos can provide a great idea about the plane functioning, its cockpit and how planes are controlled by the pilots carefully.

How Planes FlyPilots are well trained to provide a safe and secure journey for travelers. YouTube is the best source for watching such videos.

Expose Yourself to Troublesome
Exposing to troublesome triggers in low-risk environments is also a good idea. It builds up those muscles so that you can hold up experiences with less fear in the future. Watching incidences of turbulence online can be an effective Motivation.

Divert Yourself
Try to distracting yourself. If you keep concentrating on a certain thing, you can’t sit with peace. Your fear will continuously increase your nervousness, worry, and stress level.

So, it’s better to start watching videos, listening music, reading a book or magazine, anything that can help you lessen your nervousness or fear of flying.

Practice with Short Flights
If affordable, practicing with short flights can be a right way to reduce flying phobia. You must travel in a plane rather than a train or bus for short distances.

Shorter flights can give you an opportunity to expose your fear. Moreover, such short journeys can give you a great confidence for the long-distance traveling.

If you still feel uneasy or stressed in your flight, ask the flight crew for the help. They can help you efficiently as they have lots of experience with flying and handling turbulence and other issues that may arise in any flight.

Take the Help of Physician
Meeting a qualified physician and asking for the right medication can effectively work for reducing anxiety. Some medicines may need to be taken daily for a long duration to eliminate the phobia.

meditation classes for flight phobea

Talk openly with your doctor; tell about your worries, concerns and what resists you to travel in an airplane. An open interaction can help your doctor to find the exact reason for your flying anxiety and phobias. After understanding your situation completely doctors can prescribe the right medicine. You can also take the help of a therapist before traveling on the next flight. Therapists can suggest various techniques that do well to fight with worries and concerns.

Struggling with Fear of Flying? Important Tips to Overcome it!

Traveling on a flight can be scary for some people. To elevate the fear of flying, you need to know how exactly you feel on a flight. These fears are different for every person, from young to old. If you have recently discovered about this fear of yours, don’t fumble, you are not the only one. However, once you come across this fear, there are a range ways to overcome it.

Having this phobia, you must have surely explored the internet with efficient tricks to conquer it, but here are some important things to keep in mind.

Don’t Consume Alcohol and Caffeine
Usually, people think it to be a good idea to consume alcohol and caffeine but it offers more loss than gains for a phobic. It may tempt you initially but trust me; it affects the state of mind adversely. There are chances that you may feel even more nervous and get panic attacks after consume alcohol or caffeine.

Instead of alcohol, try calming tea such as Chamomile tea. It is a great way to relax your body so carry some team bags for a flight journey.

Research More and More
When you become aware of something that fears you, the fear of unknown reduces automatically. Perhaps you just need to be aware of what exactly happens while you fly high in the air. You can even search for flying anxiety and phobias reducing tips and tricks, and check how others deal with it.

anti anxiety flying courses

The internet is filled with abundant videos and blogs providing the working of a commercial plane. So search more and more, and once you get aware of a plane’s working, nothing can disturb your mind.

Be Organized
Most of you may not know that fear of flying does not compromise of flying itself but other things as well. These things can be thinking about how to reach your hotel, whether have you packed everything or not, is your flight scheduled for the right date, etc.

flying anxiety & airplane phobia courses 1

Making a check list of these important things will keep you managed. By organizing all things in advance, you stay more sorted and calmer. Believe me, this really works well for a phobic individual.

Stay Relaxed in Turbulence
This is the number one thing that fears people the most. Remember, it is fine. You might think it is easier said than done but believe me, embrace it and the fear will fade away. It just feels as if you are going on a bumpy road. For best results, close your eyes and imagine that it is just a ride, and will pass in a couple of seconds. By practicing this, you will surely overcome this problem in a couple of journeys.

fear of flying Programs and Course
Flying anxiety and phobias is easy to achieve once you know the ways to overcome Fear of Flying. In fact, you will love the fact that fear lives only inside your brain and it a fun thing to travel on a plane. So look for different options that can help you to conquer this fear.

Holiday Travel and Anxiety

Its that time of year again, tis the season for Holiday Travel, and Holiday Anxiety! Combine the two, and it can greatly prevent you from getting where you need to go this holiday season. Anxiety around the holiday’s is generally higher, and if you or someone you know suffer from flight anxiety, this is a truly difficult time for them, and in many cases, they may decide not to travel as a result.

As we approach the first of December, there is still time to conquer your fear of flying prior to the Holidays. Book a free consultation and speak with one of our fear of flying experts to learn how you can address your flight anxiety.

The FlightAnxiety 101™ Fear of Flying Course would make a great Christmas gift for a loved one who suffers from the fear!

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Fear of Flying

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