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Within the coming week, FlyHome will release MyFlight Forecast 2.0, the new and improved App. New features will include an overall new appearance, and better turbulence reporting for your upcoming flights. The biggest change will be the addition of Flight21™, a modern day approach of reprogramming your mind to understand flight from a rational point of view. An upcoming flight can very quickly become hinderance when every waking hour you are having negative thoughts about your impending travels. Change your thoughts, change your feelings – which is what Flight21™ will assist you in doing.

Safe Travels!

Fear of Turbulence


The most common subject when it comes to the Fear of Flying, you guessed it, Turbulence. What if we told you it might not be the turbulence that is making you so nervous, however, it is your thought process on the subject, both consciously and subconsciously. A large portion of the FlightAnxiety 101™ Course is providing knowledge which leads to a better understanding of turbulence. Having this knowledge, will assist you in re-programing your mind to think about turbulence from a more “rational” point of view. If turbulence makes you uncomfortable, or, prevents you from flying entirely, this course is for you!

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Recent event with Southwest Airlines B737

We have had a number of people reaching out to find out more about the “What If’s” of Engine Failures, more specifically, the recent events that took place on the Texas bound Southwest Airlines Flight, that resulted in a cabin pressurization loss. Here is what you can expect:

It will not just be Southwest Airlines that is required to deal with the incident that took place, however, it will be every 737 that uses this engine type. The FAA has since, after investigation, issued what’s known as an “AD”, or Airworthiness Directive. This is essentially like a recall on your car. It requires that every airline that has this engine type in their fleet, to meet their requirement to make any necessary replacements, repairs or inspections to prevent this from happening again. It is to our understanding that this AD has been issued, and inspections on the fleet of 737’s has commenced.

To learn more about Airplane Engine Failures, visit FlyHome, your leading source in Fear of Flying relief courses


Jetstream Turbulence

Jetstream TurbulenceComing soon to FlyHome’s Turbulence forecast

One of the most common producers of turbulence, especially in the winter months, is the location, and velocity of the jet stream. Up until now, flying passengers would have very limited information as to the whereabouts of the jet stream. FlyHome will be releasing a new addition to our turbulence page, which will show the jet stream forecast for the mid 30,000ft altitudes, which will further assist the passenger in knowing the conditions for their flight! Enjoy it!


FlyHome Crew


Top 10 Concerns of Fearful Flyers

Below you will find the Top 10 questions that fearful flyers present to their instructors when beginning their fear of flying relief training.

    • ✔ Turbulence, and how will it affect my plane, is it safe?
    • ✔ Its not so much the turbulence, it’s the anticipation of not knowing when and if it will come, can I fix this?
    • ✔ Why Should I trust pilots that I’ve never met?
    • ✔ Planes look really close when I look out the window, how do I know we aren’t TOO close?
    • ✔ How will the weather affect our flight?
    • ✔ Will this weather be bumpy?
    • ✔ What if I have a panic attack on board?
    • ✔ I had a horrible flight in the past, and I haven’t been able to move past it, why could this be?
    • ✔ I never had a fear of flying in the past, why did I just develop one now?
             ✔ I hate the feeling on take-off, is there a way to overcome that sensation?
    If any or all of these questions play on your mind prior to air travel, the instructors at FlyHome can Help!
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Holiday Travel and Anxiety

Its that time of year again, tis the season for Holiday Travel, and Holiday Anxiety! Combine the two, and it can greatly prevent you from getting where you need to go this holiday season. Anxiety around the holiday’s is generally higher, and if you or someone you know suffer from flight anxiety, this is a truly difficult time for them, and in many cases, they may decide not to travel as a result.

As we approach the first of December, there is still time to conquer your fear of flying prior to the Holidays. Book a free consultation and speak with one of our fear of flying experts to learn how you can address your flight anxiety.

The FlightAnxiety 101™ Fear of Flying Course would make a great Christmas gift for a loved one who suffers from the fear!

A Fun Fear of Flying Course

Fear of Flying

FlyHome offers you the advantage of working on your Fear of Flying, something that makes you entirely anxious (for now), from the comfort of your own home, where you feel most comfortable! But don’t worry, the FlyHome Fear of Flying Course is not pre-recorded, it offers you the ability to work one on one with a professional pilot, and learn how to re-program your mind to think about flying from a rational point of view.

Nobody wants to sit and watch a boring, pre-recorded course from the 1990’s, enroll today, and see how we keep you involved, motivated, and most importantly, on the track to conquer your Fear!

We look forward to working with you!

New client review!

“…I wanted to reach out and let you know that I had the best flights I ever have had! I even slept for the majority of both flights, and I even fell asleep during turbulence and during take off on my second flight!! Only to wake up gliding smoothly along. Wow it’s like I am a completely different person. I’ve never been able to sleep on the plane let alone during turbulence or takeoff. I found that I was reminding myself when we were bumping around how little we were actually varying in altitude. The plane felt stronger to me, even though it was no different than any other plane but I knew more about it and all the systems in place. I kept finding myself saying “what would Tim say right now” and then answering myself saying “everything is completely normal”.

You may never know how much that pre-flight call at the airport meant. I was hugging my partner outside begging to be driven home and saying things like, “I can’t do this”. I reluctantly went into the airport thinking, “ok if this anxiety gets any worse I will just turn around.” When I got through security and your number came up on my phone, it was all of a sudden a relief. You calmed me down and explained what I can expect on the flight and instantly I felt ready and prepared. I didn’t want to turn back at that point, I knew I could do this!

As we pushed back from the gate and I heard all those “scary noises” and the lights flicked off for a second and turned back on, I smiled to myself as I knew what all of that meant, I knew this was normal and everything was gonna be ok.

I know I will need to keep working on the normalization of flying, but this really has changed my life. I love to travel and see the world and if I don’t have to constantly worry about the flying part of travel this really has saved me many, many unnecessary stressful hours.

Thank you so much for everything…”

Updated Turbulence Forecast now available at FlyHome

FlyHome is happy to unveil our new Turbulence Forecast page to further assist you in using knowledge to conquer your fear of flying. The new page now includes live radar, live satellite, weather advisories as well as new turbulence feeds.

Flying soon? Come back on the days leading up to your flight to get a general idea as to what the bumps will be like. Flyhome is available nationwide to teach you the ups and downs of turbulence (get it?), and why you shouldn’t lose sleep at night thinking about it.

Bon Voyage!

Flight Anxiety Conquered!


“…Hi Tim,

I made it back! I just want to say that you so much for everything you have done. You have changed my life in so many ways you can’t imagine. Both flights there were fine, no turbulence, but the flights back from Cancun to Mexico City were kind of bumpy, but I was ok. The Flight from Mexico City to LAX was really really bad, we hit a storm and it was bumpy the whole way for 3:45 min. I was really nervous but I didn’t panic. I kept saying what would Tim do/say and I was fine.

Thank you again for your time and your classes I would 1000% refer anyone to you. You made me fly again without fear!!!! I honestly didn’t think it would happen ever but now I am excited to travel and I know more I do it the better it will be. I just have to remind myself turbulence is normal and planes are meant to fly!

Thank you again!…”