Severe Turbulence

If you find yourself flying around the vicinity of Lake Michigan this evening, conditions are in place for Turbulence levels greater than moderate. Pilots will alter altitude and/or route to stay clear of areas of reported Severe Turbulence, however, choppy rides can still be anticipated.

If you have a Fear of Flying that the root cause is Turbulence, your first step in overcoming the fear is by learning more about it.

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Whether you’re looking to take a well deserved vacation, or your the head of a national sales team that is required to travel frequently, and your job depends on it, the time has come to overcome your Fear of Flying.

Over 20 million people suffer from the Fear of Flying, so what is the difference between you and them? You found FlyHome, the leading source to help you overcome your fear, and travel the world, anxiety free. The Fear of the Unknown is a common link between people and the Fear of Flying, so how can you eliminate the fear? Eliminate the Unknown! Work one-on-one with a Professional Pilot to learn the in’s and out’s of flying, more importantly, having the ability to ask questions, and tailor this course to your specific fears. There is no shame in this fear, the only shame is if you go your whole life, either not taking vacations, or taking them, but having them not live up to their full potential due to the anticipatory anxiety before the flight(s)!

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PTSD and a Fear of Flying

Tragic events, resulting in PTSD, can also cause one to develop other anxieties in life, most commonly, a sudden Fear of Flying. Many of the clients that enroll in the Fear of Flying Courses at FlyHome often have a life event that takes place, sometimes good, sometimes bad, that can cause this flight anxiety to come about – but don’t worry, help is available! This client was placed in a situation where a parent was in bad health, and located over 1,000 miles away, leaving it very difficult for a visit, when the visit requires air travel. After a few clicks on google, she discovered FlyHome, and the ability to work one-on-one with a specialized professional pilot to overcome her Fear of Flying. At the time this post was written, she had completed her flight, and was sitting along side of her parents, for the first time in seven years! Here’s what she had to say:

“…Sitting at the terminal was challenging. It was mentally and physically painful. I did not meet Capt. Mike but I did see him. He looked clear and alert, someone I could trust being in control of the aircraft. Seat 1A was a great choice. I could visualize the cockpit, but could see the left wing and engine over my shoulder. The turbulence was steady the entire flight. I remembered you had mentioned the jet stream, so I had a context for the turb. I knew it was natural, normal and safe. We flew west before we went south. You had also spoken about weather around us, again another context, natural and safe. We went out over the water near Georgia. There was a low cloud ceiling, as you mentioned, and I was prepared to punch thru it with a few bumps. Landing was uneventful.

It has been over 7 years since I had flown, a product of a trauma. The knowledge gained through our sessions coupled with several mental strengthening exercises had me well prepared for the flight and the turbulence. I had worked very hard to overcome this phobia and succeeded. It was important to be able to maintain good mental focus throughout.

Today I feel like a lot of stress has left my body and I am feeling deeply relaxed, proud and enormously grateful to you for your commitment and support. We did this together! You were the catalyst for my booking the flight. I am looking forward to my flight on Thursday. I am excited about gaining more comfort and familiarity with normal ,natural , and safe in flight experiences. I am thinking about booking my next trip and am going to take on my next challenge – a flight to Europe in the very near future. It is all good, it has helped me to grow in many ways and I am so thankful you have chosen this pathway…”

Don’t let your Fear of Flying run your life, take charge, get the help that you need with FlyHome, and travel the world!

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Rain and Turbulence

While over 20 million suffer from the Fear of Flying, many people are able to do it, they’re just a little bit uncomfortable in doing so. So when you’re flying on a day where there might be Rain and Turbulence, where can you go to see details about flight delays and potential turbulence?

For any travelers, having access to MyFlight Forecast gives them pilot grade aviation weather, simplified for the use of non-pilots! Will there be Rain, Clouds, Airport delays or TurbulenceAs long as you have a smart phone, you can be monitoring your flight weather information not only prior to your flight, however, if you’re flying on a WiFi equipped aircraft, pull it up while on board!

The Turbulence reporting system is a direct feed from an official aviation meteorological company, that will take live reports from flying pilots, and place them in graphical form so that one will know what the ride conditions are like prior to departure. Classifications of Turbulence are Light, Moderate, Severe or Extreme – on a normal day, light and moderate turbulence are more of a common report. However, if there are reports of anything greater than moderate turbulence, flight routing or altitude will likely be changed to avoid the turbulence.

Turbulence is the number one contributor when it comes to the Fear of Flying, and it normally stems from a lack of understanding as to what turbulence actually is, how it affects the plane, and a fear of not knowing when it will start, or end. MyFlight Forecast is available to you prior to your next flight, to help quell the fear of the unknown!

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How often are your pilots Trained and Tested?

Driver license
Fear of Flying

One of the top contributors to someone grounded by the Fear of Flying is relinquishing control to people that they don’t know, and not knowing how well your pilots are trained! It is very important for a fearful flyer to understand the amount of training and testing that pilots not only receive initially, but also throughout their career.

During the Fear of Flying Courses at FlyHome, we discuss this topic in depth, so the passenger can feel comfortable with the men and women inside of the cockpit. A question asked to our clients is, “In your state, how often do you have to return to the DMV, and take a drivers test to renew your drivers license…” After a long pause, the client will always say, Never!… This is basically the case all throughout the United States, you basically go to the DMV, take an eye exam, and are then given a new license with a new expiration date in ten years, yes, TEN Years! Imagine how much can change in ten years.

Fortunately, this is not the case with pilots holding Commercial level pilot certificates, or licenses. So what would make you feel comfortable with how often your pilots are not only re-trained, but also re-tested to prove that they are proficient and capable of not only operating an aircraft during normal conditions, but also, abnormal conditions. Most clients will answer this question saying “Every two years or so”, and even that is not enough. Pilots are retrained and tested on their specific type of aircraft flown every six months as captain, and every twelve months as first officer. So what does this training entail? Retraining on the aircraft systems, backup systems, troubleshooting, single engine operations, emergency procedures, etc. All of these classes are completed in a classroom setting with a written and oral exam for each pilot upon completion. The pilots will then go into full motion flight simulators that are identical cockpits to the planes that they fly. In these simulators, the pilots will not have to fly during “Normal Conditions”, thats easy! Pilots will have to fly the aircraft in numerous emergency and failure type scenarios to demonstrate that they can not only identify problems, but rectify them to continue the flight safely. This training will last close to a week, as there are a lot of systems that the FAA and manufacturers have installed on the plane, mainly for your safety, so the pilots will have to demonstrate that they understand all of the systems that are available to them in flight.

When you fly next, look up into the cockpit and say hi, because those men and women work really hard to be up there, and its all for the safety of the flight. A pilots license was not just a one time test, there are many re-current training classes and tests that are required of them, and perfection is required, or their livelihood depends on it!

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Flying Phobia

Fear of Flying is common and many individuals experience it, however this does not mean that it cannot be countered. People often feel nauseous and anxious during flights, the slightest turbulence jolts their heart to the max and the fear overwhelms them, all of this is common and one doesn’t have to live with it for the rest of his/her life.

FlyHome is here to help you in defeating your Fear of Flying, we are a company who work with people on personal level and coach them about how to overcome this fear. To do this we have a team of experienced and able professional pilots who guide the people through whole process.

At FlyHome we understand that a phobia is something that you can’t conquer easily, it grips you from the inside and getting free from its grasp gets really hard. This is why, we have ‘well planned’ courses to cater to the needs of every person suffering from flying phobia.

To be able to give only the best help to our customers, we have the staff that are certified pilots by the Federal Aviation Administration. They are certified and hold immense experience in flying.

Since we are here to help you, we have taken into consideration to price all the courses rather nominally. For those passengers who find it really hard to fly on their own we even offer services to accompany them on commercial flights.

We have helped many customers conquer their Fear of Flying, our effective sessions and consultancy proved fruitful for them. You can get rid of your phobia too!

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If you are flying today in the Northeast and have a Fear of Flying, or, a Fear of Turbulence, these past few days might have been a little bit testing for you. So what is causing this Turbulence?

The JetStream is a completely normal phenomenon, and it is comprised of a very large pattern of air that generally flows from west to east. In the summertime,the jetstream really isn’t all that strong, which is why if you were to fly from the east coast to the west coast, the flight duration might be a little bit less. Then the winter comes around and you notice that flight times have increased, as well as the intensity of the turbulence. Flying west bound and dealing with headwinds will always result in a little bit extra flight time, and it might mean a few extra bumps. However, in the end, it is just a flow of wind, and while it might come as a surprise, planes don’t mind wind all that much. When a plane takes off, and lands, it is always optimal to land INTO the wind, and this is all for performance. Because of this, you need to re-program your mind and think about turbulence in a different way, turbulence is not causing you to “drop” out of the sky, and as a matter of fact, its more of a shift as opposed to a “drop”.

Thinking about flying with more understanding is the biggest tip to help you overcome your Fear of Flying, it will help you to re-program your mind and eliminate many of the “What if” thoughts that you may have before you fly. The more you understand Turbulence the less you will fear it, as you will begin to realize that its all talk! Conquer your Fear of Flying through one-on-one instruction with a professional pilot holding the highest level pilot certification within the FAA, learn from the pros, see our available programs at FlyHome Fear of Flying Relief! If you don’t necessarily have a Fear of Flying, but more of a “less at ease” feeling while flying through turbulence, visit My Flight Forecast to locate potential areas of turbulence prior to boarding, eliminate the element of surprise.

View todays JetStream below: