Fear of Flying Tip of the Day:

Just because thunderstorms are in the forecast doesn’t mean that your pilots will be flying through them. As a matter of fact, at altitude, pilots will avoid getting within 20 miles of thunderstorms to make the ride as smooth as possible. Weather is a large contributor to those who have a Fear of Flying, mainly because of the uncertainty of Turbulence. In the graphic below, you will see the routes that pilots will fly to stay clear of storms or any weather that could cause turbulence.

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Fear of Flying Tip of the Day

Fear of Flying Tip of the Day:

How often do you check the weather prior to your flight? Many passengers who have a Fear of Flying will obsessively check the weather for their flights up to two weeks prior to their travels. This creates an extraordinary amount of unnecessary anxiety for the passenger! The truth is, weather that far out is far from accurate, and by seeing something that is going to make your Fear of Flying worse when it might not actually be the case, is only creating more stress for you. At FlyHome Fear of Flying relief course, we only recommend watching the weather a few days prior to your trip, and ALWAYS keeping in mind that there are teams of meteorologists employed by airlines that are monitoring it as well. If they see something that will pose a flight to be unsafe, the flight will be cancelled. Learn more at FlyHome Fear of Flying Classes


Tips to overcome your Fear of Flying

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If you have been grounded a portion of your life as a result of your Fear of Flying, help is available! With commitment, and knowledge, and help from the instructors at, overcoming your fear of flying IS an option. Here are a few tips to help you overcome your flight anxiety:

1. Enroll in a Fear of Flying Course at FlyHome

2. Bring a list of questions! Most people who suffer from anxiety leading up to a flight will often have anxious thoughts in the middle of the night. Keep a pad by your bedside, and when you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about those “What If” scenarios, writing them down will force you to remember them so you can discuss them with your class instructor.

3. Learn the basics! Statistically, everyone who has a fear of flying understand that flying is safer than driving, however, they just don’t know how that could be! The reason is, understanding. Most people don’t have a fear of driving, simply because they know how to do it, and the understand what is going on. Now, I’m not suggesting that you go out and get your pilots license to overcome your fear, however, basic knowledge can give you the ability to overcome your fear. Learning is defined as a change in behavior as a result of experience, the more experience you have, through understanding, will assist you in overcoming your fear of flying.

4. Forget about the weather! Don’t study the weather two weeks prior to your flight, and worry about the 10% chance of thunderstorms that they are predicting at that point. The truth is, a forecast that far out is far from accurate, so its not worth it to work up your anxiety over something that may not even be a factor. Within a day or so prior to your flight, you can see what is going on in the skies of the united States by visiting our partner site, MyFlight Forecast

5. You deserve to have fun, especially if you’re traveling for vacation! When you find yourself thinking about your anxiety, pull out a picture of something that makes you happy, even if its a mental image. Replace your negative thoughts with positive associations, don’t let anxiety control your thoughts, YOU are in control.

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