How this client got over his Fear of Flying

“There are other ways to “get over” fear of flying: medication, free online courses, books, competitor sites. But Tim Griffin and FlyHome provide the personalized care that fretful fliers need. Tim went above and beyond for me as I prepared to go on a transatlantic trip that had me a bit rattled. I had always been a little anxious, but my fears were getting worse with this trip and I was tired of anxiety making my trips less enjoyable than they could have been. Tim explains the technical aspects of flying beginning with the basics of how planes fly and how they stay in the air. He shows photos and videos of what planes need to do to land and what the cockpit controls look like during turbulence. He explained autothrottle and autopilot. He reinforced that planes have all manner of redundancies to protect passengers in the unlikely case that something goes wrong…everything has a backup and many things have multiple backups!! Tim also personally spoke with me over the phone a couple of times when I was feeling a little skittish. He reassured me. I know that this fear is irrational. Planes land safely by the thousands every day. Tim helps add rationality to the equation by explaining what is going on. He acknowledges your fear and never degrades you. He wants you to enjoy your life and he knows that you came to him because you want to fly. His experience is very helpful because he can relate what pilots feel and think and he lifts the curtain of the cockpit for you. He is truly dedicated to his clients. Going well beyond what most would do for them. He also manages expectations. The anxiety may not go away all at once, but it can be reduced. On my flights after the course with Tim, I was no longer super nervous during the flight and then super relieved when we landed. I was more steady throughout. The flight was treated like a bus ride. I wasn’t super excited, but I was generally calm and understood what is going on. Tim was in my head cheering me on. This course is affordable. The service provided is exemplary. Tim is exceptional. I know that I was very anxious because I hadn’t flown in a while and Tim helped me so much. I highly recommend him without reservation to anyone who needs assistance with this fear. Why live with nervousness, sleepless nights, etc. when you can work on rolling back your fear and enjoying your life? Why not try a course from someone deeply committed to helping you and deeply knowledgeable about flight? I wish I had done this course sooner and I hope I can keep the momentum I built in getting over this fear with Tim’s help. The big value-added here is personalized attention. Everyone has their own bugaboos. Tim helps you reprogram how you think of flying. You don’t need to hear everyone else’s concerns. You don’t get just words on a page. It’s real access to an experienced, professional pilot who knows what makes planes and flying safe. He even talks you through your flight route before you leave. Love this service and I am grateful for Tim!!!!”

How does an aircraft fly?

Common amongst all fearful flyers, many don’t have any idea how an airplane flys. So why shouldn’t you have a fear of flying, its a completely rational fear to have when you don’t know whats going on. Get a fun and simple understanding of how planes fly through our one on one fear of flying courses, or, coming soon, the Flight21™ Online Course.


Flight21™ is enroute.

FlyHome is happy to announce that it will be releasing its new, online only, Fear of Flying Course. If you’re the type of person that would rather do things on your own, then the Flight21™ course is for you.

Why Flight21™? Statistics say that 90% of everything that a person does is habitual, however, if you apply yourself, you can successfully rid yourself of your habits in three weeks. The Flight21™ curriculum is easy, simply complete each assigned lesson in the 21 days leading up to your flight, and begin to fly without fear.

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