Fear of Flying Course Subjects

The Fear of Flying Courses at FlyHome are tailored to your specific fears, one of the many benefits of having a one-on-one course setting. You will not need any books, CD’s or Downloading, let us teach you what you need to know to conquer your Fear of Flying. In addition to one-on-one instruction, enrollment in the FlyHome Fear of Flying Program will provide you access to our NEW site, My Flight Forecast, which enables you, the passenger, to view real time aviation weather that may or may not affect your flight, including Turbulence Reports, which is a feed from Pilots reporting turbulence in flight.

Flight Anxiety Class One
• How a plane fly’s
• General Fear of Flying Anxiety
• Client specific fears and concerns
• Sounds and Feelings and their cause
• Aircraft Backup Systems
• Pilot training and Testing
• Pilot medical requirements
• “What If” Scenarios
• Tips to minimize anxiety and anticipatory anxiety
• Questions

Flight Anxiety Class Two
• Air Traffic Control
• Navigation
• Airspace
• Aircraft spacing and collision avoidance systems
• Questions

Flight Anxiety Class Three 
• Aviation Weather
• What is Turbulence
• Turbulence Avoidance
• Turbulence causes
• How the plane is built to withstand turbulence?
• Questions

Pre Flight Briefing (Night prior, or day of flight(s))
• Aircraft Type
• Route of flight
• Departure, En-route and Arrival Weather
• Turbulence Reports

Plane Flying 2[6]

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