Fear of Flying Relief

Have you ever felt the fear that accompanies boarding a plane? While it isn’t an issue that is researched very often, two Boeing researches did find that almost 20% of adults in the United States have a fear of flying, and 12% feel anxiety when they fly. So, it’s not that uncommon and it’s not something to be embarrassed about.
The truth is we’re all scared of something, the only drawback is whether there is someone that can help you overcome that fear, and in the case of flying… there is.
Timothy Griffin is the founder and CEO of FlyHome Fear of Flying Relief Courses and he has made it his business to help people conquer the fears they have when it comes to flying. Griffin has made his business accessible to everyone by providing courses online, additionally, when you enroll you’re paired with a professional commercial pilot and a licensed psychologist (Business Traveler Course*).
One of the main focuses of these courses is education- no one knows the air as well as commercial pilots, and they use their understanding of some of the common fears people have to explain the truth behind them. The pilots are certified by the FAA and are current, therefore they are up to date with the newest systems and information.
The customers can’t be wrong, when you look at what customers say… they have overcome their fears by enrolling with FlyHome it all becomes clear.
After just two sessions clients are feeling the difference, whether they have enrolled ahead of a once in a lifetime trip, or are regular travelers who face intense anxiety.
What makes FlyHome so successful? Aside from the passion and commitment to improving the lives of travelers, having a team of professional pilots and psychologists offers a unique blend of experience and depth. Fly Home pilots will help you understand the what and the why of turbulence, sounds and feelings. You’ll understand how the weather affects the things you experience, as well as taking you through what pilots go through in order to achieve certification to fly a commercial airliner.
Your psychologist will walk you through general flying anxieties, as well as the anxieties that affect you personally. With the commercial flight course you can have the change to fly with your instructor, a professional pilot, on a commercial flight in order to understand the ins and outs of the experience.
FlyHome understands how anxious flying can make you, which is why you can have a 15-minute pre-flight chat to discuss the weather and what activity you will experience on your coming flight.
There is no need to miss out on vacations with your friends or family, or miss out on family holidays. Your life doesn’t need to be limited by your fears, Fly Home has shown an excellent success rate in helping flyers overcome their fears. They can help you, too.

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