Flying Phobia

Fear of Flying is common and many individuals experience it, however this does not mean that it cannot be countered. People often feel nauseous and anxious during flights, the slightest turbulence jolts their heart to the max and the fear overwhelms them, all of this is common and one doesn’t have to live with it for the rest of his/her life.

FlyHome is here to help you in defeating your Fear of Flying, we are a company who work with people on personal level and coach them about how to overcome this fear. To do this we have a team of experienced and able professional pilots who guide the people through whole process.

At FlyHome we understand that a phobia is something that you can’t conquer easily, it grips you from the inside and getting free from its grasp gets really hard. This is why, we have ‘well planned’ courses to cater to the needs of every person suffering from flying phobia.

To be able to give only the best help to our customers, we have the staff that are certified pilots by the Federal Aviation Administration. They are certified and hold immense experience in flying.

Since we are here to help you, we have taken into consideration to price all the courses rather nominally. For those passengers who find it really hard to fly on their own we even offer services to accompany them on commercial flights.

We have helped many customers conquer their Fear of Flying, our effective sessions and consultancy proved fruitful for them. You can get rid of your phobia too!

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