No More Tears: Flights with Children Made Easy

Even if you aren’t a frequent flier, you must have faced a crying kid on an airplane at least once. This might have seemed like a real nuisance to you, but it was a much bigger problem for the parents. Fortunately, there are a few tricks parents can use to avoid kids getting fussy and upset during a flight.
1. Book an Early Flight
Early flights are perfect for flying with children for three reasons. First of all, they are less crowded due to the seemingly inconvenient dawn hours. Secondly, your child will be more likely to fall asleep on the airplane. The third reason is that the early flights rarely experience Departure Delays.
2. Stay Calm
Staying composed is a major advantage. Calm parents often have calm children. If you have a dissatisfied seatmate that seems to be extremely disgruntled about your child, put on your best smile. If you start punishing your kid every time someone tells you that he or she cries or laughs too much, you will just create more discomfort.
3. Bring Water and Lollipops
Children are very sensitive to pressure changes during takeoff and landing. The best way to avoid tears caused by ear congestion is to get your kid to swallow often. Stock up on water and lollipops. They are the best way to keep the child busy and happy during air pressure changes.
4. Buy Cheap Toys
Dollar stores or other shops that sell a bunch of useful and cheap stuff can become your saviors when getting ready for a flight with a child. The more fun things you bring with you on the airplane, the fewer tears you’ll see. Keep a kid busy, and the flight will pass by in a flash.
5. Download Cartoons
A tablet is the easiest way to keep your child busy on an airplane. Download your kid’s favorite cartoons and bring them with you onboard. Make sure you have a few to choose from. You’ll see the rest of the children on the flight flocking to your seats to join in on the fun.
6. Use Diapers
Even if your kid seems too old for diapers, there is nothing shameful about buying pull-ups for a 4-year old. Not all children can “keep it in” while the seatbelt light is on. This often results in screaming and tears.
7. Board Late
Most airlines offer passengers with young children an option of early boarding. This is the worst mistake you can make. You are about to cram into a small space and spend several hours in your seat, so why add another half an hour to the “fun”? Allow your kid to run around the airport while you are waiting for everyone else to board.
8. Pack Your Bag Right
The bag you bring on an airplane must have all the necessary stuff to deal with spilled juice, potty accidents, heat, cold, and etc. To free up some space, avoid bringing anything for your own entertainment, such as books or magazines. You won’t have time for them anyway.

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