PTSD and a Fear of Flying

Tragic events, resulting in PTSD, can also cause one to develop other anxieties in life, most commonly, a sudden Fear of Flying. Many of the clients that enroll in the Fear of Flying Courses at FlyHome often have a life event that takes place, sometimes good, sometimes bad, that can cause this flight anxiety to come about – but don’t worry, help is available! This client was placed in a situation where a parent was in bad health, and located over 1,000 miles away, leaving it very difficult for a visit, when the visit requires air travel. After a few clicks on google, she discovered FlyHome, and the ability to work one-on-one with a specialized professional pilot to overcome her Fear of Flying. At the time this post was written, she had completed her flight, and was sitting along side of her parents, for the first time in seven years! Here’s what she had to say:

“…Sitting at the terminal was challenging. It was mentally and physically painful. I did not meet Capt. Mike but I did see him. He looked clear and alert, someone I could trust being in control of the aircraft. Seat 1A was a great choice. I could visualize the cockpit, but could see the left wing and engine over my shoulder. The turbulence was steady the entire flight. I remembered you had mentioned the jet stream, so I had a context for the turb. I knew it was natural, normal and safe. We flew west before we went south. You had also spoken about weather around us, again another context, natural and safe. We went out over the water near Georgia. There was a low cloud ceiling, as you mentioned, and I was prepared to punch thru it with a few bumps. Landing was uneventful.

It has been over 7 years since I had flown, a product of a trauma. The knowledge gained through our sessions coupled with several mental strengthening exercises had me well prepared for the flight and the turbulence. I had worked very hard to overcome this phobia and succeeded. It was important to be able to maintain good mental focus throughout.

Today I feel like a lot of stress has left my body and I am feeling deeply relaxed, proud and enormously grateful to you for your commitment and support. We did this together! You were the catalyst for my booking the flight. I am looking forward to my flight on Thursday. I am excited about gaining more comfort and familiarity with normal ,natural , and safe in flight experiences. I am thinking about booking my next trip and am going to take on my next challenge – a flight to Europe in the very near future. It is all good, it has helped me to grow in many ways and I am so thankful you have chosen this pathway…”

Don’t let your Fear of Flying run your life, take charge, get the help that you need with FlyHome, and travel the world!

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