Rain and Turbulence

While over 20 million suffer from the Fear of Flying, many people are able to do it, they’re just a little bit uncomfortable in doing so. So when you’re flying on a day where there might be Rain and Turbulence, where can you go to see details about flight delays and potential turbulence?

For any travelers, having access to MyFlight Forecast gives them pilot grade aviation weather, simplified for the use of non-pilots! Will there be Rain, Clouds, Airport delays or TurbulenceAs long as you have a smart phone, you can be monitoring your flight weather information not only prior to your flight, however, if you’re flying on a WiFi equipped aircraft, pull it up while on board!

The Turbulence reporting system is a direct feed from an official aviation meteorological company, that will take live reports from flying pilots, and place them in graphical form so that one will know what the ride conditions are like prior to departure. Classifications of Turbulence are Light, Moderate, Severe or Extreme – on a normal day, light and moderate turbulence are more of a common report. However, if there are reports of anything greater than moderate turbulence, flight routing or altitude will likely be changed to avoid the turbulence.

Turbulence is the number one contributor when it comes to the Fear of Flying, and it normally stems from a lack of understanding as to what turbulence actually is, how it affects the plane, and a fear of not knowing when it will start, or end. MyFlight Forecast is available to you prior to your next flight, to help quell the fear of the unknown!

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