Recent event with Southwest Airlines B737

We have had a number of people reaching out to find out more about the “What If’s” of Engine Failures, more specifically, the recent events that took place on the Texas bound Southwest Airlines Flight, that resulted in a cabin pressurization loss. Here is what you can expect:

It will not just be Southwest Airlines that is required to deal with the incident that took place, however, it will be every 737 that uses this engine type. The FAA has since, after investigation, issued what’s known as an “AD”, or Airworthiness Directive. This is essentially like a recall on your car. It requires that every airline that has this engine type in their fleet, to meet their requirement to make any necessary replacements, repairs or inspections to prevent this from happening again. It is to our understanding that this AD has been issued, and inspections on the fleet of 737’s has commenced.

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