The Timid Flyer Survival Kit

Does the idea of flying stop you in your tracks? Do you have an upcoming flight? Fear not. If you are a timid flyer, our survival kit can help you to pass the time and imagine you are firmly settled on the ground.

#1 Headphones

Nothing helps to block out the world like a great pair of headphones. If you are a timid flyer, popping in your ear buds and drifting away is nearly essential. If you are feeling nervous, we recommend bringing your own instead of relying on the airline to provide them. For those with a flexible budget, noise cancelling headphones can make a significant difference in your flight. New technology enables certain headphones to cut out all noise from the outside world. Headphones can help you to fall asleep or dive right into a series or movie.

#2 A Neck Pillow & Face Mask

For more nervous flyers, falling asleep can feel like an impossible feat. However, if tiredness strikes, you want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Neck pillows come in a variety of sizes and levels of firmness. To block the light and keep your eyes closed, eye masks are a great tool. Any mask will do the trick, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. To reach your full comfort potential, a neck pillow and mask can be great flight companions.

#3 Your Favorite Shows and Movies

Nowadays, every plane seems to have an endless supply of movies and TV shows for your viewing pleasure. However, as a nervous flyer, do not take chances on inflight entertainment. Take the time pre-flight to download your favorite TV shows and movies before you leave for the airport. Check and double check that they are fully downloaded so you are not left with a blank screen and a racing mind. Pick entertainment you find comforting, action movies and murder mysteries are not recommended. Since you are already a bit nervous, keep your viewing light and easy to watch.

#4 Calming Listening

Music is a great way to calm your nerves. However, sometimes your favorite playlist just won’t cut it. If you need something extra calming, try a calming podcast. Mental Floss recently listed “10 Podcasts to Help You Sleep”. These podcast include everything from calming comedy, to spirituality, to stories. These podcasts will calm you down and may even lull you to sleep. If you need to think outside the box, try The Meditation Podcast to relax your body and mind.

Flying nerves are common, but they can be combated. If our Timid Flyer Survival Kit doesn’t do the trick, let FlyHome help you with our variety of course offerings. Learn more here.

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