Top 10 Concerns of Fearful Flyers

Below you will find the Top 10 questions that fearful flyers present to their instructors when beginning their fear of flying relief training.

    • ✔ Turbulence, and how will it affect my plane, is it safe?
    • ✔ Its not so much the turbulence, it’s the anticipation of not knowing when and if it will come, can I fix this?
    • ✔ Why Should I trust pilots that I’ve never met?
    • ✔ Planes look really close when I look out the window, how do I know we aren’t TOO close?
    • ✔ How will the weather affect our flight?
    • ✔ Will this weather be bumpy?
    • ✔ What if I have a panic attack on board?
    • ✔ I had a horrible flight in the past, and I haven’t been able to move past it, why could this be?
    • ✔ I never had a fear of flying in the past, why did I just develop one now?
             ✔ I hate the feeling on take-off, is there a way to overcome that sensation?
    If any or all of these questions play on your mind prior to air travel, the instructors at FlyHome can Help!
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