Turbulence halted my ability to travel

It happens far more often than you think. You’re a seasoned traveler, with the ability to fly without fear, all over the world. Then one flight is just a little bit more bumpy than you’re use to, and so it begins, the very common Fear of Flying. Over 20 million people suffer from this fear, some more than others, and some debilitating enough to miss their daughters wedding in Hawaii. The good news is, help is available! Learning is defined as a change in behavior as a result of experience. One little spook of turbulence can get your thoughts running rampant, and why shouldn’t it, most flyers aren’t exactly sure what turbulence is. So how do we overcome a Fear of Flying that was induced by Turbulence? Experience! Not from the back of the cabin, but from the front, as the pilots see and understand it on a daily basis. FlyHome Fear of Flying Courses is the only course that takes you inside the cockpit via video footage to understand exactly what turbulence is, how it affects the plane, and why you shouldn’t fear it. Having a better idea as to what exactly turbulence is, and how the plane is built to withstand it will give you your ability to fly again, and travel the world!

For the next time that you fly, view live our live Turbulence Feed

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