If you are flying today in the Northeast and have a Fear of Flying, or, a Fear of Turbulence, these past few days might have been a little bit testing for you. So what is causing this Turbulence?

The JetStream is a completely normal phenomenon, and it is comprised of a very large pattern of air that generally flows from west to east. In the summertime,the jetstream really isn’t all that strong, which is why if you were to fly from the east coast to the west coast, the flight duration might be a little bit less. Then the winter comes around and you notice that flight times have increased, as well as the intensity of the turbulence. Flying west bound and dealing with headwinds will always result in a little bit extra flight time, and it might mean a few extra bumps. However, in the end, it is just a flow of wind, and while it might come as a surprise, planes don’t mind wind all that much. When a plane takes off, and lands, it is always optimal to land INTO the wind, and this is all for performance. Because of this, you need to re-program your mind and think about turbulence in a different way, turbulence is not causing you to “drop” out of the sky, and as a matter of fact, its more of a shift as opposed to a “drop”.

Thinking about flying with more understanding is the biggest tip to help you overcome your Fear of Flying, it will help you to re-program your mind and eliminate many of the “What if” thoughts that you may have before you fly. The more you understand Turbulence the less you will fear it, as you will begin to realize that its all talk! Conquer your Fear of Flying through one-on-one instruction with a professional pilot holding the highest level pilot certification within the FAA, learn from the pros, see our available programs at FlyHome Fear of Flying Relief! If you don’t necessarily have a Fear of Flying, but more of a “less at ease” feeling while flying through turbulence, visit My Flight Forecast to locate potential areas of turbulence prior to boarding, eliminate the element of surprise.

View todays JetStream below:


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