Understanding the Most Common Reasons Why You Have a Fear of Turbulence

Flying in an airplane is one of the most exciting and convenient ways to travel in modern times. After the concept of flight was studied and perfected, commercial planes were taking off from the world’s runways in record numbers each year. Regardless of this fact, there are still certain things that modern science and engineering simply cannot surmount.

Public Enemy #1: Turbulence. Although it is pretty commonplace for some people to have an unhealthy fear of turbulence, it is a worry that can be assuaged with proper consideration. The first step to feeling better about flying is to identify why you are afraid in the first place.

Possibility # 1 – You Are Unfamiliar With the Commonalities of Flying in an Airplane

There is nothing wrong with being a rookie flyer; we all have to start somewhere. Still, there is a certain amount of stress and anxiety that comes along with doing something new or unfamiliar for the first couple times. It could be that you have a fear of turbulence because you are unsure what it really is or why it even occurs.

This is most often the case with folks who are unsure as to what should be expected during a normal flight. At Fly Home LLC, our licensed pilots are experienced flyers themselves. Whether in class or in flight, they are ready and willing to share their personal and professional insights in an effort to make your journey a less bumpy one.

Possibility #2 – You Are Apprehensive about Uneducated Flying

A lot of people are able to hop onto an airplane without ever considering the fundamentals of how the aircraft actually works. Although this might suffice for some folks, you might have a fear of turbulence because your brain needs to know what is going on. After all, you are thousands of feet in the sky and contained within tight quarters with perfect strangers. We understand.

Our comprehensive sessions here at Fly Home LLC are specifically designed to help ease your mind for the journey ahead. We offer courses which cover everything from the industry’s most interesting statistics to general operational knowledge about the mechanics of the entire trip. By the time you’re done with class, you might not even need one of our experienced flyers to ride along with you (but we’ll offer the option to you anyway).

Possibility # 3 – You May Need Professional Help to Deal With Underlying Issues

Sometimes, your fear of turbulence is derived from some unknown subconscious thought or emotion. No amount of flight knowledge or persuading can fix that, only the help of one of our distinguished professionals can. Here at Fly Home LLC, we pride ourselves on offering several comprehensive courses that not only educate clients but also effectively get to the bottom of the problem. Whether the issues stem from personal experience or learned behavior, our incredibly compassionate professionals are ready and willing to help you get over your fear of turbulence once and for all.

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