Years ago I didn’t have a Fear of Flying, so why now?

It’s more common than you think… “When I was younger, I would get on a plane without any anxiety at all, I wouldn’t even think about it…Then one day, I developed this fear of flying and it grounded me.” During the one-on-one courses at FlyHome, this statement comes out eight times out of ten, and many clients just can’t seem to understand why this fear would just develop.

We were all young once, and as for many kids, not many things would phase us, we were untouchable. We then grow a little older, our priorities change, and then we find ourselves looking at life just a little bit differently than before. Maybe you just married your best friend, or maybe you just had your first child, or were saddened by the loss of a loved one – these are all common triggers that can cause one to change the way they once felt about flying, and now fear flying enough to keep them grounded, and unable to take a vacation, or worse, travel for their jobs.

So what can we do? It all starts with re-programming your mind, and changing the way you currently think about flying into a more rationalized view. Learning is defined as a change in behavior as a result of experience – to learn how to fly without fear, you must learn more about it and build your experience level; for this reason, working one-on-one with a professional pilot will teach you more about flying than you ever thought you could know in a lifetime. You’re gaining the experience through one-on-one instruction, and in turn this will teach you what you need to know to fly without fear.

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