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FlyHome is happy to provide a Turbulence Forecast map showing reports of turbulence issued by airline pilots flying nationwide. To view more information on the Turbulence, simply click on the icon and it will provide the turbulence intensity, as well as the altitude that it was reported at. Turbulence can be very localized, for example, just because it is reported at 38,000 feet, does not mean that it will be present at 37,000 feet!

Knowledge is power when it comes to turbulence – having a general idea as to where the turbulence might occur, will eliminate a certain aspect of the “Unknown” which greatly increases ones’ fear of turbulence. Additionally, having more knowledge as to what turbulence is, where it is more or less likely to occur, and most importantly, how planes are built to fly through it are just a few of the topics that a client will learn in the one-on-one courses at FlyHome.

If there is turbulence reported in the turbulence forecast, it can be caused by many different factors. If you will be flying in the vicinity of preciptation, or thunderstorms, these are common areas to experience turbulence. Additionally, flying over mountains, coast lines, bodies of water or even other aircraft can be the cause of most turbulence. Use this turbulence forecast to your advantage, as mentioned earlier, knowledge is power when it comes to the fear of flying, if you have a better idea as to where to expect turbulence, and why, it will assist you in feeling more in control. To learn more about conquering your fear of flying through our one on one fear of flying classes, visit our wide variety of course options at Fear of Flying Classes


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