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Fear of Flying Course Options

Flight Anxiety 101™ Course

Minimizing Anxiety Techniques on the following topics, amongst many others:

    ✔ Turbulence, and how will it affect my plane, is it safe?
    ✔ Its not so much the turbulence, it’s the anticipation of not knowing when and if it will come, can I fix this?
    ✔ Why Should I trust pilots that I’ve never met?
    ✔ Planes look really close when I look out the window, how do I know we aren’t TOO close?
    ✔ How will the weather affect our flight?
    ✔ Will this weather be bumpy?
    ✔ What if I have a panic attack on board?
    ✔ I had a horrible flight in the past, and I haven’t been able to move past it, why could this be?
    ✔ I never had a fear of flying in the past, why did I just develop one now?
    ✔ I hate the feeling on take-off, is there a way to overcome that sensation?

Curriculum of Classes

Class One

  • How a plane fly's
  • General Fear of Flying Anxiety
  • Client specific fears and concerns
  • Sounds and Feelings and their cause
  • Aircraft Backup Systems
  • Pilot training and Testing
  • Pilot medical requirements
  • "What If" Scenarios
  • Tips to minimize anxiety and anticipatory anxiety
  • Questions

Class Two

  • Air Traffic Control
  • Navigation
  • Airspace
  • Aircraft spacing and collision avoidance systems
  • Questions

Class Three

  • Aviation Weather
  • What is Turbulence
  • Turbulence Avoidance
  • Turbulence causes
  • How the plane is built to withstand turbulence?
  • Questions

Pre Flight Briefing (Night prior, or day of flight(s))

  • Aircraft Type
  • Route of flight
  • Departure, En-route and Arrival Weather
  • Turbulence Reports



The courses at FlyHome are conducted from the comfort of your own home or office through an online classroom to help clients overcome the fear of flying. Each session is live and interactive between the client and the instructor, and none of our classes are pre-recorded, allowing us to tailor each session to benefit the specific flying anxities of the client. We encourage you to view some of our past client testimonials to see how the success of this course has enabled them to fly without fear. Client Testimonials