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"This has become my mantra. People with anxiety understand that we need to break the constant barrage of negative and alarming thoughts that run through our head when it comes to the fear of flying. Tim arms you with knowledge, expertise, and an awareness that everything will be fine as long as you remember " what would Tim say...". There are many different reasons why people fear flying. Tim starts by pin pointing your reason and then discusses what you need to get beyond that fear on a very personal level. This is NOT a canned presentation. It is tailored to your personal needs and concerns. My first flight is tomorrow and I am ready!"
- Pittsburgh, PA
"I am a relatively new client and have had two "sessions" with Tim and FlyHome to date. I have to say that I definitely see and feel the difference. As ironic as this is, I am literally typing this review while flying back home from Dallas to New York and we are in the midst of some minor turbulence. Normally, I would be a nervous wreck right about now, but with the information that FlyHome has provided me, I am staying calm, cool and collected. I highly recommend FlyHome to anyone that has a fear of flying. Tim and his team are readily available, provide more information than you can imagine and do whatever they can to make your flying experience more comfortable. Thank you Tim and thank you FlyHome!"
- Floral Park, NY
"Outstanding service, excellent follow-up. Tim and I had a number of communications leading up-to and following my flight. He definitely commits himself to not only working through any immediate anxiety I had leading up to my flight...he took the time to prepare documents and reports on what I should expect during my flight. His post-flight follow up was unexpected, but greatly appreciated. I'd highly recommend speaking with Tim if you or anyone you know experiences anxiety with flying."
- Seattle, WA
"I was able to fly this weekend without any concerns. Life changing."
- Chicago, IL
"...Tim was such an incredible resource for our 14 year old daughter who developed a huge fear of flying. Due to the fact she plays soccer and is at tournaments around the country we wanted to conquer this fear and Tim was fabulous. He helped our daughter work through the fears with facts, stats and maps that explained, in detail, the true safety of flying. We can't thank Tim enough for all he did and the time he took to help our daughter. She conquered her fears this past weekend and completed 2 flights with no tears at all. I would recommend this service to ANYONE with any fears of flying. Thanks Tim!!!!..."
- Seattle, WA
“...On my flight from New York to Sarasota Florida the week of Thanksgiving, I knew there was a storm coming up the coast and I anticipated it being a bumpy ride. I also knew there would be some thunderstorms in Florida as we got closer.
Luckily I had gone through my training with FlyHome and was able to speak with them that morning to assess fight path, weather etc. I was prepared and ready. The flight wasn't great. It was extremely choppy. Flight attendants weren't serving food or drinks because of the turbulence. We finally hit some smooth air when the pilot announced we were being routed west to avoid storms and adding about an hour to the trip.
- New York, NY
As we flew south into Florida the turbulence picked up again. The pilot said we were making our initial decent and to anticipate it being choppy. A few minutes later, in the midst of some serious turbulence and rain outside the windows, the plane made an odd sound...all of the TV's (jetBlue) flashed off then on and we tilted to the left a was odd but quick and within minutes we were landing. We landed in a storm, but were on the ground. I noticed we didn't coast as we normally would and came to an extremely abrupt stop. Fire trucks were speeding towards the plane and the fight attendants were asked to "man their stations". There wasn't the sense of an emergency on board. Everyone remained calm and I remember hearing Tim's voice and everything I had learned from FlyHome. The plane eventually taxied to the gate. We were informed that we lost an engine during our decent. I immediately called FlyHome and told the story. I was so impressed with the follow up. Tim contacted the pilot to get the details then called me the next day to check in. He also called the day of my return flight to ensure I was ok. I don't think I could have handled this situation prior to my classes with FlyHome. I know I couldn't have gotten on that return flight home. Being armed with information and comfort in knowing how safe it actually is up there is so helpful…"
- Chicago, IL
​"Not only I am exited to fly again but I also signed up at a local Cessna center to learn how to Fly. Yup Pilot license is coming up next… Thank you Tim."
- Boston, MA
"I am here and very much alive. I am so proud of myself, for the first time I went all three flights without having an anxiety attack."
- Anchorage, Alaska
"I want to let you know how effective your program is and has been for me. Before I went through your program my reaction to the Germanwings tragedy would have been to further exacerbate my then fear of flying and strengthen my resolve not to fly. However, since your program I have no such reaction. Just like at Christmas time, the day before I was to fly home the Malaysia air crash occurred and because of your program I had the knowledge to understand the dynamics of flight. I was therefore able to understand all the factors that come into play and pinpoint the differences that were significant. As we talked about in my preflight, in the US that flight would have never taken off, it would have been canceled.Similarly, in this tragedy, the first thing I focused on we're the safety regulations in place in the US, that unfortunately were not in place for the Germanwings flight. Your program has taught me about not only flight, but all the many ways safety is enforced. Knowledge is truly power."

- Los Angeles, CA
"This experience was extremely beneficial. I would highly recommend anyone with a fear of flying to speak with Tim Griffin. He is exceptionally knowledgeable and also coherently explains why flying is safe. As I left my consultation I felt 100% reassured about getting up in the air. I no longer can say I have a fear of flying but the urge to fly. Tim Griffin is as down to earth as they come and meeting with him was the best thing I could have done to overcome my fear of flying. Hopefully in the next few months I will be taking my first flight!"
- Northport, NY
"We just landed...great flight! The steward gave me a set of wings! Our flight home is Sunday at 10:30...maybe you can let me know how it looks on Sunday? ​Thank you soooo much!! It was the most relaxed I ever was!!!"- Jacksonville, FL
"So ready for this, because you said its ok, Tim. Thank You for your time, you're a saint"
- Boston, MA
First Flight! 44 Years old, Fear of Flying Conquered!
"The time spent with Tim got my thinking about flying into a more manageable frame of mind. He was professional and personable, and heard what I was saying. I will take this flight with more confidence than I had before we met."
- Long Island, NY
"The personalized service is what sold me. Tim is passionate and caring, plus he shows concerns for your fears."
- Denver, CO
"Thanks to Flyhome LLC, I did not completely freak out with the extensive air turbulence across country today. I would say I am well on my way to being cured of my fear of flying."
- Wilton, CT
"Tim and FlyHome exceeded my expectations! We purchased these consultations as a gift for a family member and Tim was extremely passionate in helping him with his upcoming flight. Tim also checks the route of the flight and gave him certain expectations which I feel are extremely valuable. He also spoke with him several times during the day of his flight and while he was on board. I can't imagine a better experience except for Tim actually being on the flight with him! :) We know that this is a work in progress and are hopeful for a positive outcome. They are also planning a session prior to his flight back home later this week....again with Tim just a phone call away I know this gives my family peace of mind. I highly recommend Tim to anyone who has any concerns with flying. Tim, thank you! We are extremely grateful to you!"
- Boise, Idaho
​"I am just a regular Mom from Malibu California who was very anxious about her son returning due to the weather around the world. The next thing I know I was talking to a Pilot that flew for Presidents, CEO's, and the International Public. He helped me feel so secure about flying. He explained how Pilots do their jobs. How weather play into their flight plans. He even gave tips on sights my son should look for like the Northern Lights. I am telling you all that anyone that is fearful of flying or have fear of their loved ones flying use this website, and Timothy who is sweet as pie!!"
- Malibu, California
"Thanks Tim for being patient, reassuring, and informative. I enjoyed our visit and walked away with knowledge... no longer fear. Thanks for putting my mind at ease and sharing your experience. I feel much better and am looking forward to my flight Wednesday! I'll refer your service to everyone. I'm sure I'll be back before Paris!"
- Huntington, NY
"I just got his text message and I am so proud of him...but most important is that I can tell he's so very proud of himself. I got very emotional.... Thank you so much. Your help is allowing this young man to have his freedom again. Thank you so much!!”
- Los Angeles, CA
"I do not think words can describe my appreciation for FlyHome and their services. Before contacting FlyHome I found myself cancelling vacations, making lame excuses for not wanting to fly places, etc. I can't pinpoint what was keeping me from flying but I can say my world had become much smaller without flying. Then I was introduced to FlyHome, Tim was able to put all of my issues at ease and was able to make me feel comfortable about flying again in a few weeks time. Since working with FlyHome I was able to fly from NJ to TX and getting to enjoy time with family. I have also began booking several more flights so I can catch up on the lost time from not being able to fly. I do not fear flying now,FlyHome and Tim Griffin will forever have my gratitude. Thank you"
- Newark, NJ
.."I really appreciated the time and effort Capt Tim spent with me...Kind of felt like I had him by my side the whole trip...Also was there for me every step of the trip. Very reassuring…”
- San Francisco, CA
"Hello - I flew JetBlue on January 8th, 2014 and the pilots were so kind & helpful. I admit I was a mess....all sweaty & nervous when I first walked on the plane but after talking to Dan Tew -- I felt so much better & made the flight easier. I am flying again on the 21st of January (JetBlue) Newark to Ft.Lauderdale - if Dan Tew can shot me an email that would be great. Thanks! ps: great idea this website!!!!”
- Newark, New Jersey
"...Tim is thorough and patient with the questions as well as understanding the anxiety associated with the fear. I know we will be friends for a long time.."
- Staten Island, New York
“…I have been afraid of flying since I was 16 years old. I have skipped vacations with friends and family and have driven 1000 miles just to avoid having to fly anywhere. In January this year, I learned that I would have to fly to Orlando for a meeting on April 21st. For the next month, I did not get more than 3 hours of sleep on any night because my fear would consume my thoughts. My fear was totally controlling my life, leaving me feeling helpless. It got so bad that I actually considered quitting my job that I love and worked very hard for. Then I learned about FLYHOME and met Tim about 3 weeks before my trip. After my first session with Tim, I slept better than I had in months and began to feel like myself again. Tim's passion for helping people like me to overcome this fear is evident in every single conversation I had with him. He went above and beyond to accommodate my schedule and make sure he was available whenever was best for me. My departure flight was on Easter Sunday, and Tim was on the phone with me for a half hour at 7:15 am, and he delivered the same passion and sincerity that he had in each of our previous conversations. I had two flights that day and I promise you, it was the most calm I had ever been on a flight. I was actually able to sit back, relax and enjoy it. When some of those feelings would start to creep back, I just thought of what Tim had taught me and instantly was able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight. The only person that was more excited than me about me overcoming my fear, was TIM!! On my return flight home, Tim was texting me during the flight giving me updates as we progressed towards our final destination. Tim and his program saved my job and I feel like they have opened countless doors and opportunities for me. I owe it all to Tim and FLYHOME. Thank you Tim, for all of the passion, knowledge, experience, and most importantly, patience that you showed to me on every single step of my journey to overcome my fear…”
- Pittsburgh, Pa.
"...Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! One of the things I am thankful for this that you have helped my son overcome his fear of flying. Not only did that give my son back his freedom to go where ever he wants, it has given me his Mom and his other family here in California, time we can all spend together as a family.Thank you..."

- Malibu, CA
“...Tim was incredibly helpful by providing an in-depth analysis of the flight, airport, and flying conditions. Prior to my flight, Tim called to discuss underlying concerns and answered a lot of questions. Further, on the day of the flight, he provided a map of the current weather conditions, reports of turbulence, and a description of how the plane would navigate out of the airport and to my destination. Finally, he followed up with a text post-landing to ensure a smooth flight and to answer any follow up questions. I would highly recommend working with Tim to ensure a comfortable flight…”
- Chicago, IL
“...Well, I have not been on a vacation with my wife in 24 years due to my fear of flying…Tried everything…Found Capt Tim at FlyHome…After a few counseling sessions and 2 one hour flights from our home and the “at the airport” counseling”, my wife and I just got back from Nassau. The 7000 mile trip included 2 layovers (each way) with the Miami to Nassau leg being in a RJ 45 seat commuter jet. Was a great trip…Am I doing hand stands every time I fly, no. But with Capt Tim's knowledge and guidance I can get on a plane and will continue to do so. My fear of flying is based on a ton of “unknowns”. Capt Tim erased most of those, providing me with knowledge about the planes I would be flying in, the route we would be taking and what turbulence to expect, so I was not caught off guard. So I was much more comfortable and my wife was thrilled to be able to go somewhere exotic with ME. I too had my eyes opened to the wide world of travel. Nassau and its waters were something I just saw in travel magazines. But being there was amazing. Can’t thank Capt Tim enough…"
- - San Francisco, CA
"...Seriously, Thank You so much for everything Tim. You've honestly changed my life. My husband said he's so proud of me and that I'm a totally different person on a plane now!..."
- - San Diego, CA
"... Sorry it took a few days to get back to you. I do not have texting capability. I made both flights. I have to say that I handled them better then I expected. Of course, there was some anticipatory anxiety, but when I got on the plane and met the pilots, I was at ease and even the turbulence did not affect me as much. Was a smooth enough flight to London. Then, today's flight to Serbia was fine. I was a bit worried about the scattered thunderstorms. Most of the flight was above the clouds. When we descended, I could not see a thing and normally I would freak out. Maybe it's because I knew we were landing that it didn't bother me. I remembered all that you taught me about the plane dynamics so that helped answer any sounds I heard. Thank you very much for your help!..."
- Newark, New Jersey
"...The flights home went very well - Fort Myers to Dallas was turbulence-free; Dallas to San Diego had just a short period about 30 minutes east of San Diego. I was very fortunate to be seated at the window where I could watch the wing. Watching how little the wing moves in what feels like turbulence to me is comforting. Thank you again. Speaking with you made a huge difference in my comfort level these past few days!..."
- - San Diego, CA
“…Tim, Sorry so late getting back to you. I ended up having to postpone my flight until Nov. 14; however, it went great!!! Return flight was a little more bumpy, but I LOVE to fly again! We will see how I am next time I have to fly, but my anxiety is gone. Right now my husband is on a flight from Connecticut to Billings, and I don't have any of the amped up concern that I would normally have waiting for his delayed flight. Thank you so much!
The things that you talked about that really helped me:
New training levels required for all commercial pilots.
-How pilots do the job because they love to fly even though starting pay might be low.
-The technology contained in the CRJ900. (It was a great plane).
-How pilots expect to have turbulence and it is just like the gusts of wind that blow on one's car on the highway.
-How turbulence can be dangerous if people are standing in a plane due to the low clearance. It made me realize that turbulence doesn't really cause the plane to fall that far. (It also make me concerned about short elevator ceilings, LOL).
-How autopilot reacts to turbulence by overcorrecting, so it may feel like a bumpier ride.
-That generally on every flight there is a doctor or medical person who happens to also be travelling.
-These things all alleviated my fears anytime I had a twinge of uncertainty. You told me about your aunt, my aunt was also a pilot - she flew to deliver mail in rural northeastern Montana in the 1940s and 1950s. Probably not as big a plane as Pan Am!
Thanks again. I am referring several fearful fliers, and probably myself again to you soon!...”
- Bilings, MT
“...I have already been referring people to FlyHome. I have been flying with fear for years. Tim has helped me so much! After completing the courses I was able to fly without medications and without all the anxiety. Tim is a miracle worker! Having all the knowledge that Tim provides is definitely the key to getting over your fear of flying! I would recommend to anyone to sign up today and start looking forward to your trips and stop stressing about how you are getting there!…”
San Angelo, TX
"...Just wanted to thank you both for your info and encouragement re fear of flying. Tim Griffin is a miracle worker!!!! affordable, caring, informative....just wonderful. I took the super duper 6 session class....and learned so much....he called me before the flight, during the flight, after the flight....i was nervous but NOT SCARED AT ALL!!! on the way back the pilot made the attendants sit down because of the turbulence, and I STILL WASN'T SCARED. This has totally changed my life and all I can say to you two is thank you. But it's a huge thank you..."
Palm Springs, CA
"...I took the full course before a long dreamed for trip to Italy. I had flown all my life and to a few countries, but I had always been fearful. It had worsened and I hadn't flown in two years before the trip to Italy. I could relay my fears easily to Tim and share in depth about some of the causes behind the fears. He was patient, empathetic, professional, technical, understanding...what more can I say? I flew to Italy and back and didn't suffer as I usually do when flying. In fact, it was quite enjoyable. I'm on my way to Ireland shortly and had another session that revealed to me how much I've overcome. I'd recommend this program to any fearful flyer..."
New Hampshire
"...What I think makes your program exceptional and outstanding is you do not take a cookie cutter approach to your clients. You get to know what the person's particular issues are you address those as well as general issues that every fearful flyer deals with...."
Los Angeles, CA
"...I felt very calm after our call and throughout day. I left the conversation saying "I can do this"! I feel extremely optimistic. Funny, everyday I see lots of plane overhead. Yesterday I saw none. I was looking so I could associate Bernoulli's Principle! It is now a positive association. I continued to feel calm the remainder of the day. I am sharing my experience with family and friends, some of whom will be referrals to you, as I am not alone in this challenge. There is no need to respond unless you'd like to. I just wanted you to know it already is helping me. It is such a relief to be calmer and more at ease with hope for the very near future. It is good that my mind has something tangible to focus on so I can rewire my brain, bypassing and eradicating the path of anxiety. You're a blessing!..." Thank you so much!
New York
"...Fear of flying kept me grounded for decades. After just a few sessions with Tim, I've not only flown but have two more flights booked this year. I can't thank you enough!..."
Boston, MA
"...Tim was very sensitive to our son's special needs as he taught the course. Kevin was so pleased that Tim also listened to his ideas and suggestions. We feel our son's confidence to fly has drastically increased thanks to this program..."
Denver, CO
"...I feel that Captain Tim explains the safety of commercial flight in a manner I can get my head around. Highly recommend FlyHome to assuage some, if not all your fears related to flying..."
San Francisco, CA
"...Tim provided great information, both verbally and via videos that helped give insight into how Turbulence affects flight and advice on how to overcome it..."
San Diego, CA

"...The timing for this couldn't be better. I just flew to Las Vegas and back (SF). I have not flown in some 23 years. Tim's combination of factual data and unwavering support was the key to my flying again. I can not ever thank him enough..."
San Francisco, CA

"...Tim I just wanted to tell you that it’s been so fantastic talking to you all these times , It’s been so extremely helpful.  I so much appreciate your communication skills and openness to talk about everything and anything...  this whole experience has been really great..."
San Francisco, CA

"...Taking this Fear of Flying Course had taken me from a state of panic about even thinking about flying to actually looking forward to my upcoming vacation and long flight overseas...."
Boston, MA

"...I wanted to reach out and let you know that I had the best flights I ever have had! I even slept for the majority of both flights, and I even fell asleep during turbulence and during take off on my second flight!! Only to wake up gliding smoothly along. Wow it’s like I am a completely different person. I’ve never been able to sleep on the plane let alone during turbulence or takeoff. I found that I was reminding myself when we were bumping around how little we were actually varying in altitude. The plane felt stronger to me, even though it was no different than any other plane but I knew more about it and all the systems in place. I kept finding myself saying “what would Tim say right now” and then answering myself saying “everything is completely normal”. You may never know how much that pre-flight call at the airport meant. I was hugging my partner outside begging to be driven home and saying things like, “I can’t do this”. I reluctantly went into the airport thinking, “ok if this anxiety gets any worse I will just turn around.” When I got through security and your number came up on my phone, it was all of a sudden a relief. You calmed me down and explained what I can expect on the flight and instantly I felt ready and prepared. I didn’t want to turn back at that point, I knew I could do this! As we pushed back from the gate and I heard all those “scary noises” and the lights flicked off for a second and turned back on, I smiled to myself as I knew what all of that meant, I knew this was normal and everything was gonna be ok. I know I will need to keep working on the normalization of flying, but this really has changed my life. I love to travel and see the world and if I don’t have to constantly worry about the flying part of travel this really has saved me many, many unnecessary stressful hours. Thank you so much for everything..."
Seattle, WA